Hydro+ Mixer
Hydro+ Mixer

Hydro+ Mixer

The Hydro+ Dough Mixers are the purpose built solution for mixing extremely hydrated dough for 'Al Taglio' pizza, Pinza Romana or any kind of dough with extremely high hydration (60%-100% dough hydration). The reinforced stainless steel spiral arm mixes dough from 70-300 rpm without warming the dough, making it excellent for quick and effortless dough mixing.


  • Purpose built for mixing dough with 60-100% hydration
  • Mixing capacity of 65-130Lb (30-60Kg)
  • Reinforced spiral with variable speed from 70-300 rpm
  • Retractable wheels
  • Stainless steel safety guard, bowl, spiral arm and breaking bar
  • Standard models come with 6 different speeds
  • Mixing bowl light
  • Electromechanical controls


  • Touch controller with programmable settings
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Custom coloured finish
  • Plexiglass bowl guard