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Silver Line Dough Mixer

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Our spiral dough mixers are the go to choice for your pizza and bakery needs. The dough making stage is very important and greatly affects the final product.

A spiral dough mixer is the ideal solution for making pizza dough. Unlike planetarium mixers, a spiral mixer constantly breaks and divides the dough. The process of mixing with a spiral hook incorporates the more than double the amount of air into the dough, giving you a light and airy product simulating kneading the dough by hand—a superior product. 

The #1 selling feature of our dough mixers is the engineering of the bowl and dough hook, which are perfectly matched for each other. This feature sets Italiana FoodTech mixers apart from similar products. The result is a clean bowl at the end of the kneading stage and allowing you knead as little as 1/10th of its total capacity. This gives you maximum flexibility when producing your dough.

Whether you have a high production business or you own a small pizzeria, we have a dough mixer to suit your needs.


Two speeds:
1st speed for the first stage of mixing your dough, 2nd speed for final stage of mixing. This incorporates more air and gives the gluten structure more strength, allowing it to proof and ferment better.

Easy to use timer allows you to set the duration you would like the machine to work. Timer use is optional.

Bowl cage protect the user while machine is operating and stops machine if opened. The cage also allows the user to easily watch the dough as it’s being mixed.

Reliable motor:
Designed with reliability in mind, the motor controls the dough hook.

Optional four caster wheel upgrade for easy maneuvering.

100% Stainless Steel:
The bowl, hook and shaft are made of high quality 100% stainless steel.

Reinforced spiral especially made for North America high volume pizza production.

When To Choose Silver Line

This silver line dough mixer is the perfect for any restaurant with small to medium levels of production. This dough mixer well suited for a small pizzeria where they are only mixing dough once or twice per day. For any bakery, or facility with higher levels of production such as a centralized pizza producing facility we suggest our gold line mixer.

What To Consider When Choosing A Dough Mixer
  • How much dough will you be doing at the time 
  • What is the percentage of hydration of your dough
  • Space and budget restrictions
  • What kind of pizza will you be doing. For example:  Traditional, Neapolitan or Roman “in the Pan.”

Before investing in new equipment, it's best to get a full understanding of what you're purchasing, and ensure it is the right product for your needs.

Italiana Foodtech offers you the opportunity to try our equipment before you buy—by appointment only. Come by our Toronto showroom and try baking a pizza, or making some pasta yourself! Our expert team will help you make sure that the product you purchase, is the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

To book an appointment, for questions, or to ask about remote product demos, please call:
647.557.3477 or E-mail

Bowl Capacity ISM12 (17Qt)
Speed 1 Speed
Voltage 1 Phase