The Italiana FoodTech Pizza Form.
The Italiana FoodTech Pizza Form with a stand.

Pizza Form

Before today, making a great pizza was challenging. Either you relied on a skilled employee, who knew how to toss and shape dough, or you could give in to the convenience and speed of a machine, but at the cost of quality. With the Pizza Form there is no compromise. Place your dough between the stainless steel plates and press down with the leaver, once the plates release, your pizza will be perfectly stretched to the set thickness and crust. Designed for high output use, the Pizza Form can produce up to 400 pizzas per hour, keeping up with demand while guaranteeing an outstanding consistent end product. Whether you are making thin crust, thick crust or Neapolitan pizza; the Pizza Form will deliver!


  • Five models: for pizzas 12” to 20”
  • Adjustable pizza thickness
  • Makes up to 400 pizza/hr
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Straightforward commands
  • Safe operating features
  • Single button on/off control
  • Optional flat plates for making flat breads such as naan
  • Optional stand with dough tray
  • Storage and dough container
  • Drawer for ready to use dough