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Try Before You Buy

As a leading supplier for food production equipment, we take pride in our Try Before You Buy service. It is the foundation of our ability to provide our clients with integrity and an exceptional customer service experience.

The Investment

The we understand that purchasing Italiana FoodTech equipment is a big investment. This is why we make it our mission to ensure each client is 100% satisfied with price, quality, durability, productivity, selection, options, aesthetic appeal and efficiency through the selection process and of their final product.

The Experience

The best equipment for you, is the equipment that fits your space, improves workflow, and produces the desired results. We encourage clients to gain hands-on experience and acquire step-by-step knowledge of Italiana FoodTech equipment, while getting familiar with all the practical applications and features of the equipment they are interested in, right in our showroom.

Accessible, spacious and staffed by our friendly and informed specialists, our North York showroom provides clients with:

A hands on opportunity to work with the equipment using their own recipes and ingredients. We can even pre make dough for you, so it's ready to go when you're ready to bake.Staff on hand that can provide advice, or answer questions on how to best utilize the equipment and its features

Remote Opportunities

Can't make it to the showroom? We'll send you an NDA, and you can send us your unique ingredients list. We'll set up a video call with you where we can make the dough and make the pasta or pizza with you. Let us be your hands! 

Your new piece of perfect equipment is waiting at Italiana Foodtech. Book a demo to see it in action for yourself! 

To book an appointment, please call: 647.557.3477 or E-mail info@italiana.ca