Roma fired oven with a red finish.
Roma fired oven with a grey tile finish
A Roma fired oven with a white and red pattern tile finish.
Roma fired oven with a steel finish.
Roma fired oven with a red finish.
Roma fired oven with a grey tile finish
A Roma fired oven with a white and red pattern tile finish.
Roma fired oven with a steel finish.
Roma Oven - Static

Roma Oven - Static

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 Made in Italy for over four decades, our ovens are custom-made to suit individual needs. We celebrate the unique qualities of our ovens and our customer needs. So, let us help you make an informative decision. After all, happy customers makes us proud.

For the last fifty years, the timeless Roma style oven has been the most popular choice for pizza making in Italy. This oven provides the most finishing choices including painted stucco, mosaic tile or stone, complementing any door style.

Just like its namesake, this oven sits right in the center of pizza styles, allowing you to produce any style of pizza. The Roma oven takes center stage when it comes to producing any type of pizza. Its rich origins and elegant style make it ideal for any decor.

Roma Ovens are available preassembled or unassembled.



Made with a durable double vibrated refractory stone, unique to our ovens, the baking surface is able to perform at very high temperatures, Malagutti ovens heat quickly and evenly to produce consistent pizzas.


Insulated like no other, Malagutti ovens are cool to the touch on the outside, while cooking at high temperatures on the inside. Malagutti ovens maintain temperature and heat up rapidly.


Easily reaches 1000˚ allowing you to bake your pizza in ninety seconds or less.


With a wood, gas or a gas and wood combined fuel source, there is an oven to suit every need.


Mechanical or electronic inputs provide precise temperature control and rotation settings.


Ovens can be delivered pre-cured, saving setup time, or can easily be cured using the built in curing function on the oven.

VPN Certification

Certified by the VPN Association for Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Making

AVPN Certification


A static baking surface is ideal for the experienced pizza master who loves tradition and self-regulated work. It requires multiple pizza makers to be working at the same time with one prepping, one baking and monitoring the oven. It works well for restaurants with a limited volume of pizza production and a lower budget for investing into pizza making.


Choose a spot inside the oven to place the pizza. Keep in mind, the heat in the oven varies depending upon the pizza’s proximity to the heat source.

Keep turning the pizza so that it bakes uniformly. The side close to the heat source will bake faster. Consistently turning the pizza will create uniformity and a fully-cooked product. Use a long pizza peel and spinner to insert, turn the pizza and to reach different spots in the oven.
Remove the pizza from the oven when it is visibly ready. Each pizza will require its own time to cook.

Custom Options

Select from a variety of customized features, including body and door shape, functions and finishes.

Custom colours tiling, and lettering can be added to make your Malagutti oven the focal point of your restaurant.


Before investing in new equipment, it's best to get a full understanding of what you're purchasing, and ensure it is the right product for your needs.

Italiana Foodtech offers you the opportunity to try our equipment before you buy—by appointment only. Come by our Toronto showroom and try baking a pizza, or making some pasta yourself! Our expert team will help you make sure that the product you purchase, is the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

To book an appointment, for questions, or to ask about remote product demos, please call:
647.557.3477 or E-mail

Internal Size (cm) 100
Fuel Source Wood