Become A Dealer

Italiana FoodTech provides, quality food equipment to clients in Canada and the US looking to expand their product offering. Italiana Foodtech provides opportunities for businesses to become Italiana FoodTech dealers and offer to their customers the best food preparation equipment Italy has to offer.

When you become an Italiana FoodTech dealer, you: 
  • share the essence of new & innovative, Italian-made equipment.
  • gather together a community of food specialists committed to traditional Italian culinary artistry, cultural flavours & quality food preparation.
  • promote the efficiency of food production using innovative, durable & reliable equipment.
  • help other entrepreneurs improve productivity & increase sales using our newest designs & capabilities on the market today.
WHO can be a dealer?
  • If you have passion for Italiana FoodTech products.
  • If you already sell commercial food preparation products, but would like to increase your product offering.
  • If you are interested in starting a business selling commercial food preparation equipment, and need a product to form a foundation. 
WHAT tools do you need to be a dealer?
  • We provide you with the materials (catalogues and brochures) to create a successful & interactive sales experience for your customers.
  • We welcome your customers to our showroom filled with a wide selection of Italiana FoodTech equipment where they can try before they buy.
  • We offer our expertise when YOU need it most so YOU can close the deal. Knowing about all the equipment can be challenging, so count on us to step in & augment your knowledge base with ours.
WHY being an Italiana FoodTech dealer is good for business?

Italiana FoodTech offers restaurateurs the best equipment imported directly from Italy. Italian equipment offers unparalleled performance in the kitchen, and is the ideal way to product authentic Italian dishes. Additionally, your business & reputation in the food industry becomes synonymous with a reputable brand name like Italiana FoodTech.