The Sprizza by Italiana FoodTech.

Dough Stretcher

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The Italiana FoodTech Dough Stretcher simulates the effect of human hands stretching and shaping the dough. The machine is equipped with specially engineered rollers that gently massage the dough into a perfectly round shape. The dough is left thin in the middle, and gradually thicker towards the edge for an artisanal looking crust. Cut down on labour costs and automate your pizza making!

  • Can stretch dough from 10" to 20" wide, depending on the selected model
  • Control over the thickness of dough produced.
  • Made in Italy, this machine has a solid and sturdy construction.
  • Parts are easily replaceable over time
  • Hand stretched results—mimics human movement
  • Minimal power consumption
  • User friendly & easy to operate 
  • ETL Listed
Working The Sprizza Stretcher
  • Set the desired thickness only once.
  • Take the proofed dough ball, dust it with flour and place it in the center circle (between the two disks.)
  • Pull the release lever down. When they touch, shift the red handle over to the right.
  • Release and the dough will be stretched and ready to top.

Before investing in new equipment, it's best to get a full understanding of what you're purchasing, and ensure it is the right product for your needs.

Italiana Foodtech offers you the opportunity to try our equipment before you buy—by appointment only. Come by our Toronto showroom and try baking a pizza, or making some pasta yourself! Our expert team will help you make sure that the product you purchase, is the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

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Pizza Diameter 6"-15"