Automatic Dough Cutter Rounder
Automatic Dough Cutter Rounder
Automatic Dough Cutter Rounder
Automatic Dough Cutter Rounder

Automatic Dough Divider Rounder

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Automatic bun rounding dividers cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, roll each piece to obtain perfect balls, all the same weight and shape just a few seconds. Using this machine will cut down on labour costs, with the touch of a button it will evenly cut and perfectly shape up to 15 pizza balls. This makes it an easy tool to operate for anyone.

  • Hydraulic machine
  • Two cylinders for pressing
  • One cylinder for cutting
  • One cylinder for rounding
  • Control panel that allows adjustment of pressing, rounding and shaping chamber opening times.
  • Knife cleaning button
  • Can store up to 10 different programs and language can be changed according to the user’s needs.
  • The machine is supplied with no. 3 plates
Working With A Dough Cutter/Rounder
  1. Insert the plate manually
  2. Set the operating times (pressing, rounding and chamber)
  3. Press the Start buttons
  4. The machine presses, cuts and rounds automatically
  5. Remove the plate with the shaped balls
 Models Divisions Dough Ball Weight Hourly Ball Output
IDR/A-11 11 6.3/17.6 oz 2000/H
IDR/A-15 15 5.3/12.7 oz 2700/H
IDR/A-18 18 4.2/9.8 oz 3200/H
IDR/A-22 22 2.1/7.7 oz 3800/H
IDR/A-30 30 1.4/4.4 oz 5400/H
IDR/A-30s 30 1.2/3.9 oz 5400/H
IDR/A-36 36 0.9/3.2 oz 6400/H
IDR/A-52 52 0.4/1.1 oz 9300/H

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Model IDR/A-15