The Italiana FoodTech Grinder.


A proper grinder is indispensable in a modern confectionary workshop. The RF300 is a used for refining granulated products (almonds, chocolate etc). Sturdy and simple, it is equipped with granite cylinders of 300 mm, abutments in cast iron, and rectified gears. Such features ensure perfect functionality and great reliability.

Among the peculiarities of the machine we point out the cylinders wide maximum span up to 15 mm -that makes the machine able to grind starting from one whole piece of product- and the different cylinders speeds associated to the oscillation of the rear cylinder. The weight of 200 kg is a sign of a sturdy and long-lasting machine. The scrapers can be easily dismantled and removed.


  • Easy to remove scrapers
  • Wheels for easy moving (RF300 Plus only)
  • Stainless steel collector basin
  • Safety cage on hopper

Working With A Grinder

  • Open the hopper cage
  • Place food product to be ground in hopper
  • Close hopper cage
  • Turn on machine and allow it to grind your material to perfection!