IPE30 Pasta Extruder
IPE30 Pasta Extruder
IPE30 Pasta Extruder
IPE30 Pasta Extruder

IPE30 Pasta Extruder

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The IPE30 is a heavy duty and reliable pasta extruder that can be used either on a counter top, or on its stand with built in pasta dryer. The IPE30 is perfect for producing every kind of fresh pasta—short or long, and with a huge variety of shapes, thanks to the extensive die catalogue available.

  • Basin/hopper made from stainless steel
  • Extruder body & stand made from painted steel
  • Bronze dies 
  • Stainless Steel auger
  • Dies and auger are removable for cleaning
  • Easy to access basin and mixer for cleaning.
  • Two Speeds: Mixing & Extruding
  • Electronic cutting knife with two blades: One for short/medium pasta and one for medium/long pasta
  • Adjustable cutting knife speed
    • Available AV-90 attachment for rolling flat pasta compatible with IRM-A ravioli maker
    • 100’s of additional dies available
    • Custom body colours available 

    Before investing in new equipment, it's best to get a full understanding of what you're purchasing, and ensure it is the right product for your needs.

    Italiana Foodtech offers you the opportunity to try our equipment before you buy—by appointment only. Come by our Toronto showroom and try baking a pizza, or making some pasta yourself! Our expert team will help you make sure that the product you purchase, is the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

    To book an appointment, for questions, or to ask about remote product demos, please call:
    647.557.3477 or E-mail info@italiana.ca